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US Visa Consultants in Pune

Ideal Visa is the fast, reliable and affordable US visa consultant in Pune for Indians. Our Aim is always to provide you the best and cost effective services. We take all the hassle out of getting the US visa and using our many years of experience to give you the best service from our end. Contact our Us Visa Experts in Pune if you want to relocate to the United States. **Visa come get it**

Steps to Get Visa

We will Review and Apply the visa

Mail us the required documents on our Email id.

Get your Approved visa in 5 to 6 working Days

Make the payment to our Bank account for the visa process.

Processing Time to Get Visa

3-5 Working days for Normal Processing.

Your visa fees include

All taxes

US visa Consultants in Pune
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Service fees

Apostille Services in Pune

Consulate application fees

We are here to help you get a US Visa without any hassle. We have a team of experienced and knowledgeable US visa agents in pune. Our professionals will assist you with compiling the required documents and completing the Visa application. We will arrange a visa interview at the nearest US consulate in Pune. All you have to do is to book an order.

Before we discuss US Visas procedures in detail, let’s take a quick look at what they are.

US Visa Agents in Pune

A foreign citizen seeking to enter the United States must first get a U.S. visa, which is placed in the traveler’s passport, a travel document provided by the traveler’s home country.

If they satisfy the criteria for visa-free travel, some foreign visitors may be qualified to visit the United States without a visa. This website’s Visa section is devoted to information about U.S. visas for visitors from other countries.

Best US Visa Consultants in Pune

Our H1B Visa agents in Pune has over many years of industry expertise and can assist you with visa application.

Documents Required For US Visa

Documents required for USA visa Documents required for marriage visa

1. Completed and signed visa application form DS-160.

2. One (1) passport-style photograph.

3. Your valid passport with at least six (6) months validity remaining.

4. Confirmation of your interview appointment letter.

5. It is a civil union. If the marriage certificate is not written in English, it must be supplemented by a validated English translation.

6. A photocopy of your valid passport’s biographical pages

7. If you have previously been married, please supply a copy of your divorce decree or your prior spouse’s death certificate.

8. Documentation demonstrating your financial capacity to support oneself while being in the United States. This might be proof of work, an account balance, or a supporting eyewitness statement.

Mandatory Documents

1. The original Passport having at least two blank pages and a validity period of at least six months.

2. Confirmation Form DS-160 for all previous passports.

3. Date confirmation for an interview.

4. A recent 2″ × 2″ image with a white background. A digital and physical copy of the photo are both necessary.

5. Documents proving payment of the visa application fee (MRV fee).

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Choose Ideal Visa for a seamless, reliable, and successful US visa application experience. Our commitment to excellence, personalized service, and proven track record make us the ideal partner for individuals and families seeking to embark on their journey to the United States. Discover unparalleled expertise and personalized service with Ideal Visa, your trusted US Visa Agent right in your vicinity. As the go-to “US Visa Agent near Me,” Ideal Visa combines extensive knowledge, experience, and a client-centric approach to redefine your visa application experience.

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