Ireland Visit Visa Requirements

Ireland Visa Documents, Eligibility and Fees

Ireland Visa Requirements for Indians

Many people from around the world want to visit Ireland for various purposes. The country also attracts a lot of business people. Indians who wish to visit France for tourism or trade purposes can easily avail a Ireland Visa online in India. India is one of the many countries for which Ireland Visa is available.

Ireland Visa required Documents for Indians Tourist / Friend/Family Visa :-

Letter must also include a commitment from you that you will

Obey the conditions of your visa in full
Not rely on public services (for example public hospitals) or become a burden on the State
Leave Ireland before your immigration permission expires.

Documents from Ireland Friend / Family

The letter must also include a statement by your friend(s) or family member(s) that they understand you must:

For a young person travelling with one parent or legal guardian only, include

For a Minor travelling with an adult who is not their parent or legal guardian, include

For a young person travelling alone (i.e., without a parent or any other adult), include

Ireland Business

Original hardcopy letter from your employer in India outlining your business reason for travelling to Ireland. This letter should clearly state: · How long you are required to stay; · Provide details of where you intend to stay while you are in Ireland; · The business itinerary for entire duration of stay in Ireland (must be carried every time you present yourself at immigration in Dublin) · The business itinerary should clearly specify what applicant is going to do on a daily basis. General terms like ‘’business meetings’’ and ‘’business discussions’’ should not be used. · State that the cost of trip is being borne by the company · Undertake that you will observe the conditions of your visa, that you will not become a burden on the State, and that you will leave the State on the expiry of your permission to remain. The details of signatory- name, designation, contact details i.e. direct phone number and email ID (Digitally signed letter will not be accepted).

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