Certificate Attestation and Apostille Service Provider in Pune

Certificate Attestation and Apostille Service Provider in Pune

Apostille services in Pune exceptionally offer support for legalization requirements of the customers in Pune. There are limited consultancies that will provide you with an authentic and appropriate legalization of certificates. It is a part of the certification process that will ensure one’s genuinity and their purpose of travelling to destination country, which is also an imperative aspect of procuring a visa and growth of business in foreign country. As a Certificate Attestation And Apostille Service Provider In Pune, we prioritize delivering authentic and appropriate legalization solutions to meet our customers’ needs

Certificate Attestation

Certificate Attestation is a document legalization process by which documents are authorized to get the visa. To get the visa, one must have got the Certificate Attestation. The document for attestation is classified into three main categories. Personal, Educational, or Commercial documents. The Certificate Attestation of the document process depends upon the category of documents as the process differs from categories to categories. Certificate Attestation verified the authenticity of the individual. If case documents are not verified one can’t get the visa. So, one must strictly follow the process of certificate Attestation to get the visa done.

Certificate Attestation and Apostille Service Provider in Pune
Apostille Services in Pune

Why is document apostille required ?

Apostille Services in Pune

Certificate legalization is required for several reasons, for example, residential visa, student visa, work visa, or heeding to a business in the foreign concerning with any nation that is a part of the Apostille Hague Convention. Every country needs some proof about an individual or a company to be considered as genuine, that’s why this legalization process is must.

How to get Apostille in Pune ?

In between the finite and legitimate apostille agencies in Pune, Ideal Visa  has obtained its name. We provide for a variety of document legalization facilities like birth certificate, marriage certificate, degree certificate, etc. and only the adroit and certified professionals to achieve the legalization of certificates. Ideal Visa is a competent apostille agency & offer fast legalization consultancy in Pune.

We perform the legalization of certificates right from getting certification from the notary to applying the apostille sticker from the MEA. Getting the MEA sticker on the certificate approves the certificate so that it can be used for claiming for the visa. We have extensive customer facility and we are present 24*7 online to take in your enquiries.

Categories of Document Apostille

Depending on the reason of travel, there are various types of documents that need verification. People need to travel to countries for study, work or for business. As per the requirement, certificates are distinguished into three types, being; personal documents, birth certificate and marriage certificate are the type that are termed as personal certificates; educational documents like degree certificate are those that are required for applying for a job or for higher education needs, and commercial documents are a proof of your established business and that it is legitimate.

How long does it take to get Apostille ?

It generally depends upon the sort of certificate legalization is mandated for how long the procedure of legalization may take. Involving offline procedure completely will take around 25 to 45 days, however, if you implicate the legalization agencies in Delhi to get done with the process on your behalf, then it might even need conveniently lesser time span like 8 to 20 business days. The length of the course of action would also be impacted by the time when the HRD is involved. Changing from state to state and university to university, it will lengthen up to a couple of weeks more than a month.

Ideal Visa is one of the most acclaimed and recognized Certificate Attestation And Apostille Service Provider In Pune. We are a multidisciplinary team of experts who offer end-to-end solutions to their customers. Be it attestation, Apostille, visa assistance, Embassy attestation or language translation, we offer all types of consular services. Being an authorized agent, we collect the original document along with their photocopies and process them further for attestation. We provide our clients with the best, express, and economical certificate attestation, Apostille, visa, and document translation services.

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